$50.00 USD

• KIT LEGEND (Kestral, Luger, Desert Camoflage Gear, Huntingpack, Yellow Aviators, and Huge Locker)

• SHOP (You Can Get A 2x3 Shop At /Warp Town)

• LEGEND VAULT (Do /Vault To Open This 8x10 Storage)

• VEHICLES (/RepairVehicle And /RefuelVehicle Every Four Hours)

• AIRSTRIKE (Send Eight Bombs Towards An Area, Can Be Used Every Four Hours)

• AIRDROP (Use The /Drop Command Every Three Hours)

• HEAL (You May Use /Heal Every Four Minutes)

• MAXSKILLS (Max Out Your Skills By Doing /Maxskills Every Three Hours)

• SETCOLOR (Get A Suffix After Your Name And /SetColor To Be Noticed)

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